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MI FHA Loans in Michigan

FHA loans differ from conventional loans in a number of ways. The down payment required for an FHA-insured loan is usually much lower than for conventional loans. FHA loans also have lower credit requirements than conventional loans, making them more available to a wider range of potential homebuyers.


FHA loans offer MI residents several other valuable benefits, not least of which is those aforementioned smaller down payments. Unlike a conventional loan, which ordinarily requires 10-20% down, FHA-insured loans only require down payments as low as 3-5%. The FHA is also more flexible in calculating factors to determine whether or not to approve the loan, factors such as household income and repayment ratios.

Local bad credit FHA Loan directory for MI :
Acme Algonac Alto Atlanta
Ada Allegan Amasa Atlantic Mine
Addison Allen Anchorville Atlas
Adrian Allen Park Ann Arbor Attica
Afton Allendale Applegate Au Gres
Ahmeek Allenton Arcadia Au Train
Akron Allouez Argyle Auburn
Alanson Alma Armada Auburn Hills
Alba Almont Arnold Augusta
Albion Alpena Ashley Avoca
Alden Alpha Athens Azalia

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Michigan News
Deer bait still selling in Michigan despite LP ban

Baiting deer may be illegal in Michigan's Lower Peninsula, but that's not stopping people from selling or buying the oversized bags of crops normally used as bait this time of year.

Grandma, 92, Is Michigan Woman's Matron Of Honor

Many brides-to-be pick best friends to serve as their maids or matrons of honor.

Long Thompson's husband eyes 1st gentleman's role

If Indiana voters next month select Democratic candidate Jill Long Thompson as the state's first female governor, they'll also see another first.

COLUMNIST: Bailout sensible for Michigan

What's in it for Main Street? It's been a tough sell to convince angry critics of the proposed $700-billion bailout that Joanie Paycheck would get anything out of this deal.

Economy looms large in Michigan's US Senate race

Michigan's economic misery topped the list of issues in the U.S. Senate race long before the debate over rescuing the U.S. financial industry came up.

Health Highlights: Oct. 2, 2008

Here are some of the latest health and medical news developments, compiled by editors of HealthDay: Canadian health officials are looking for 27 people who may have contracted tuberculosis from an infected ...

Joe McCain makes campaign stop in Mid-Michigan

Just one day after Republican presidential nominee Sen. John McCain announced that he was pulling his resources out of Michigan, his Straight Talk bus tour rolled into the state.

Home builders push for green tax incentives

As part of an initiative to jump-start the faltering construction industry, the Michigan Association of Home Builders wants the state to give tax breaks to people who remodel their homes or businesses to ...

Former Mich. Man's Family Awarded in Iraq Kidnapping

A federal judge has ordered Syria to pay more than 400 dollars million to the families of two American men kidnapped and decapitated while working as civilian contractors in Iraq.

3 Mich. lawmakers switch vote to support bailout

Michigan U.S. Reps. Joe Knollenberg, Pete Hoekstra and Carolyn Cheeks Kilpatrick switched their votes to support a $700 billion financial bailout that passed the House.

Mich. university-governing board bios

Republican John McCain's decision this week to halt his Michigan campaign has left a hole in state GOP efforts and uncertainty hanging over the re-election chances of two congressmen.

Guests for the Sunday TV news shows

Guest lineup for the Sunday TV news shows: --- ABC's "This Week" - Govs. Ed Rendell, D-Pa., and Tim Pawlenty, R-Minn.; Sens.

McCain's Michigan Co-Chairman to Palin: Don't Leave Michigan

Chuck Yob, who until recently was the Republican National Committee Member from Michigan for nearly twenty years, is a legendary figure in Michigan politics.

McCain melts down in Michigan pullout

What profiteth John McCain if his vice presidential candidate wins her debate but he gives up on Michigan? The McCain campaign's decision to give up the fight in Michigan is one of the stupidest tactical ...

State Police: 180 fugitives arrested in September

In September, Michigan State Police and local law enforcement officers arrested 180 fugitives and parole absconders across the state.

Analysis: Palin eases the hurt in McCain-land

John McCain's campaign aches needed a tonic. On a day when he abandoned the fight with rival Barack Obama in the battleground state of Michigan and national polls showed him trailing overall, running mate Sarah ...

State: Mich. Heating Bills May Rise 21%

Michigan residents should brace for a 21 percent jump in the cost to heat their homes with natural gas this winter.

Celebrities working to get out the vote

Barack Obama has a message for eligible voters: ''I need you.'' A new online video called "Don't Vote," which actually urges citizens to vote, features dozens of celebrities, including Leonardo DiCaprio , ...

Group opposes medical-marijuana ballot measure

If Michigan voters approve a medical-marijuana ballot initiative next month, the state will enter a minefield of unintended consequences, according to a newly formed group opposing the measure.

Michigan shows promise for wind energy, report says

Michigan has far greater potential for wind energy than anyone previously thought - offshore in the Great Lakes that surround it, according to a new report.

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