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Aptos, CA New Home Financing in California

Somerset Mortgage Lenders can find Aptos, CA residents the perfect loan and start your home purchase off right. With hundreds of loan programs available, we’ll help Aptos, CA residents match your needs with a loan you’ll love for as long as you own your home. Somerset Mortgage Lenders can find Aptos, CA residents the perfect loan and start your home purchase off right. With hundreds of loan programs available, we’ll help you match your needs with a loan you’ll love for as long as you own your home.

Fixed Rate Loans

Several categories of conventional loans exist, the most common and familiar being the fixed rate mortgage. In the cases of fixed rate mortgages, the borrower will lock in an interest rate, and pay down both the principal and interest on the loan at that interest rate every month until the mortgage is paid off. The most typical term of a fixed rate loan is 30 years, though fixed rate mortgages can also be obtained for much shorter terms, the primary difference being in the size of the monthly mortgage payment.

Conforming Loans

Other conventional loans are known as conforming loans. In these cases, an arrangement is made between borrower and lender that comply with the stipulations of two federally run mortgage trading companies (or Government Sponsored Entities - GSEs) Fannie Mae (FNME) and or Freddie Mac (FHLMC).

Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac do not directly approve or deny loans. They buy and sell home mortgages, working with lenders to make home ownership easier for people to attain. Lenders like to sign up borrowers with conforming loan, because they can then sell these loans to Fannie May or Freddie Mac in order to more quickly receive the funds coming to them, and use those funds to make other investments. Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, in turn, then repackage these loans to sell to investors as securities.

The current guidelines for a conventional Fannie Mae loan set a maximum purchase price for a single-family home at slightly above $415,000 (though residents of Alaska, Hawaii, or Guam may be able to qualify for an even larger loan).

The interest rate as well as the short- and long-term pricing on a conforming loan is determined primarily by the type of loan applied for. Also taken into consideration will be the amount of funds you already have to contribute to closing costs, your credit rating, credit score, and credit history, your employment history, and the type and location of the home in question.

Jumbo Loans

Other forms of conventional loans are nonconforming loan instruments that do not meet Fannie Mae or Freddie Mac loan qualifications, such as jumbo loans, or loans so large they fall outside the Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac loan limits (or purchase limits). Jumbo loans are provided by private investors and as such ordinarily come with much higher interest rates than conforming loans.

FHA Loans

Government entities from a local to a federal level and private entities alike have worked to develop loan programs that make home ownership a reality for many people considered under-qualified for traditional mortgages. These include loans for first-time homebuyers and people with a low-to-moderate income that are insured by the Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) via the Federal Housing Administration (FHA).

HUD and the FHA do not make loans directly, rather they insure loans, meaning that the lender still gets paid back even if you default on the home loan. Often, FHA insured loans are available with down payments lower than 3% of the total loan amount. There is a limit to how high of a loan the FHA will insure, but the limit is at least high enough to allow people in qualifying circumstances to buy reasonably priced homes pretty much anywhere in the country.

Subprime Loans

A different type of loan was also created to assist people with poor credit in buying a home. These are called Subprime Loans. A subprime loan may come in various forms depending on the loan amount, loan terms, and loan-to-value ratio. Your risk is still determined by grading your credit, but in the case of a subprime loan it is to determine the type of loan and interest rate offered you rather than whether or not to give you a loan at all.

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Aptos, California News
Labor Day travels down from last year

Dan coyro/Sentinel Alisha Stanley wont be driving out of the area for the upcoming holday weekend.

James Lewis: Big Brother eyes sewer workers, but who watches Big Brother?

Sentinel readers should already know the Santa Cruz County Sanitation District will overcharge county schools by over $100,000 this year, but may wonder what Big Brother has to do with it? Simple, $90,000 of ...

Cabrillo Wellness Fair teaches balance of mind and body

Bill Lovejoy/Sentinel Clint Hughey whips up a stack of toast for breakfast sales at the Cabrillo Wellness Fair Saturday morning.

Aptos Eagle Scout gains highest rank

After earning 21 scouting badges, dedicating 100 hours of work to a community service project and demonstrating leadership in his community, 19-year-old Nick Gasparich of Troop 609 has achieved the highest rank ...

Best Bets: Aug. 23, 2008

It's an all concert, no jamming bonanza in the mountains that kicks off with Sons of the Beach at 3 p.m. and concludes with headliners the C Monkeys.

Young newcomers changing Santa Cruz city, county politics

Presidential candidate Barack Obama has galvanized young voters nationwide, and in Santa Cruz that energy is spilling over into local politics -- but not always in ways that some longtime residents would like.

More Candidates in Local Races - School Trustees Feel Heat

They often waited until the last minute to file, but both incumbents and challengers for several Mid-County boards finally threw their hats into the ring for the Nov.

Social Host Ordinance Now in Effect for Santa Cruz County

The Board of Supervisors recently passed a "Social Host" ordinance for the unincorporated areas of Santa Cruz County, including Soquel, Live Oak, Aptos and La Selva Beach.

Street Smarts: Cheers to cheaper gas, and how to fix a bad...

Hallelujah to the break at the pump this week. You can find a gallon of regular for $4.11 at the Rotten Robbie on Mission Street in Santa Cruz, one of the lowest in the county, according to AAA.

Congressman scheduled to hold town hall meeting Monday

Farr will visit Hollister on Monday. He's also set to stop at the Free Lance for an exclusive interview.

Watsonville council has final say on charter school's new home

Watsonville's newest public school has signed up 160 sixth- and seventh-graders, hired a principal and 14 teachers and, pending City Council approval, secured classrooms downtown.

Roadshow: Accident scene backups

Q On July 22 there was a traffic jam in Santa Cruz on Highway 1 that extended into Aptos due to an injury accident at the Fishhook.

Aptos High To Open New Gym, Performing Arts Center

Aptos High School officials are set to open a brand new gym and performing arts center.

Animal activists could bomb wrong house

Greg David heard about the firebombings of University of California-Santa Cruz researchers on Saturday morning.

As Fourth of July cases filter through courts, most plead guilty

Nearly all of the Fourth of July revelers cited for having alcohol or fireworks on beaches during the holiday weekend have pleaded guilty to their misdemeanor charges and paid fines up to $1,000. Authorities ...

Golf: Aptos' Pacheco wins Santa Cruz City Am

Watsonville's Garth Watrous hits his approach shot on the 14th fairway at DeLaveaga Golf Course during the Santa Cruz City Amateur championship Sunday.

Cops and Courts: Aug. 5, 2008

Shmuel Thaler/Sentinel Calfiornia Highway Patrol officers investigate an accident north of Rio Del Mar down a ravine off of Highway 1 on Tuesday.

The Capitola Wharf is closed to fishing after a wave of pelican injuries.

A notice went up on Wednesday morning banning all fishing off the Capitola Wharf.

Classes on nuts, volts of solar trade filling up

Students Jeannie Ting and Albert Chou, left, put a solar power panel on a demonstration roof and Hung Nguyen, far right, botls down the panels at San Jose City College on Aug.

State Jumps on Green Building Bandwagon

California became the first state in the nation to establish a green building code with its unanimous passage July 17 by the California Building Standards Commission.

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