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Atlanta, GA Divorce Buyout in Georgia

Since 1979 Somerset Investors Corp. Co. has been considered a leader in the residential mortgage lending business and is currently licensed in 26 states, including Georgia, offering its expertise in many of the circumstances that life brings to many homeowners.   In most cases Somerset has been able to provide lower payments for the spouse remaining while giving large cash outs to the other. Our Divorce Buyout Loan Specialists work with you to determine how much of a loan you need and what it will cost to refinance.Following is an example of how Divorce Buyout works:

Example: John and Jane own a house valued at $500,000, with a mortgage (or mortgages) that total $300,000.  If you subtract the value from the total loan about ($500,000 - $300,000) you get the equity of the house, in this case $200,000.  If John and Jane split their assets 50-50, each have $100,000 equity in the house.  Therefore, if John wishes to keep the house, he would need to refinance the mortgage(s) with a total loan amount of $400,000 and use the remaining $100,000 to buy out his spouse.

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Atlanta, Georgia News
Georgia Bulldogs Back in AP Top 10...
A week off was good for the Bulldogs and with the bye week the Bulldogs moved up one spot to return to the AP Top 10...Check out the latest AP rankings at
Fire damages popular Cuban sandwich shop

A fire heavily damaged a popular Cuban sandwich shop early Monday. DeKalb County fire dispatchers say the fire began shortly after midnight at the Havana Sandwich Shop on Buford Highway.

Komen Atlanta Launches Busiest Month for Breast Cancer Awareness

It's busy season for the Greater Atlanta Affiliate of Susan G. Komen for the Cure, with more than 70 events on the calendar for October's Breast Cancer Awareness Month.

Georgia Officials Debate Response to Gas Crisis

Georgia leaders are debating whether to revise the state's emergency fuel plan and are considering ways to bolster gas supply in the aftermath of the abrupt shortage of gas that sent some motorists into a ...

Nichols trial: Witnesses describe great police confusion

Brian Nichols had plenty of help on his escape from downtown Atlanta after the Fulton County Courthouse shootings: It came in the form of a confused and overwhelmed police department.

Chambliss defends his vote in favor of bailout

U.S. Sen. Saxby Chambliss defended his vote in favor of the $700 billion bailout plan Thursday, saying the much-criticized package was needed to avert a "slide down into a financial depression." "We've got a ...

GREEN Courier Delivers During Atlanta Gas Crises
As most of Atlanta was out of fuel, the hybrid cars of Green Express kept driving and delivering rush deliveries.

Green Express couriers purchased a fleet of hybrid electric cars for times like this. The cars get 50+ miles to the gallon and can go nearly 1200 miles before re-fueling.

So as traditional couriers are stressed out looking for gas stations with fuel, Green Express couriers keep on driving...
WicksteadWorks Receives Numerous Recognitions and Honors in 2008

Atlanta remodeling company WicksteadWorks has had a stellar year. Frank Wickstead, President of the company, has reinforced his position as an expert green remodeler in Atlanta by receiving prestigious professional designations. In addition, the Atlanta Business Chronicle has named WicksteadWorks as one of the top 20 remodeling companies in Atlanta.

Brookhaven at Johns Creek Holds Grand Opening Weekend Festivities

To help celebrate to grand opening of their newest active adult community, Jim Chapman Communities is hosting a full weekend of festivities at Brookhaven at Johns Creek.

'Clear' lanes debut at Atlanta airport

The world's busiest airport officially opened its first paid, high-speed security lane Wednesday morning, a potential boon to entrepreneur Steven Brill and thousands of weary road warriors in metro Atlanta.

Severe fuel shortage grips parts of southeast

By Matthew Bigg

ATLANTA (Reuters) - A severe fuel shortage has gripped parts of the southeastern United States, causing long lines at filling stations and symbolizing for some people their fears about the wider economy.

The shortage began two weeks ago in Atlanta, the region's largest city, when oil refineries on the Gulf Coast were shut down by hurricanes Gustav and Ike earlier this month. Parts of north Georgia, western North Carolina and parts of Tennessee were also affected.

The effects on motorists have been dramatic. Most service stations in Atlanta are out of gas, with plastic bags placed over the pumps or signs saying "out".

Police: CNN anchor should get restraining order

Atlanta police have told CNN anchor Robin Meade to seek a restraining order against a Maine man whom the network says has stalked Meade and showed up outside its Atlanta headquarters earlier this month.

Roosevelt talk on unstable economy oddly prescient

The "mirage" of American economic invulnerability has vanished, along with "much of the savings of thrifty and prudent men and women," the presidential hopeful told the crowd.

Scientists say the brain's "fear centre" lights up in times of uncertainty.

Scientists say the brain's "fear centre" lights up in times of uncertainty. Herd mentality rules during a financial crisis because people are wired to follow the crowd when times are uncertain, experts say.

Gun Groups to Appeal Decision to Toss Complaint

Gun rights groups are appealing a federal judge's decision to dismiss a lawsuit that sought to allow licensed gun owners to pack heat in certain parts of the world's busiest airport.

Gas shortage plagues the Southeast

A sign on a gas pump in Atlanta on Monday, September 29, 2008, informs drivers of a $40 limit on purchases.

Georgia Bulldogs Booted from Top 10 after Loss on National TV
The Georgia Bulldogs took a beating on national TV on Saturday night to the hands of a focused group of Alabama football players...
Blais preps for Flip chain, maybe TV

Atlanta's own Richard Blais is still working the "Top Chef" juju, hoping to parlay his TV exposure into more TV exposure.

Atlanta motorists stalk fuel trucks

Tanker truck drivers have never been so popular in metro Atlanta. And MARTA conductors might want to get ready for the rock star treatment, too.

Best local instrumentalist who deserted Atlanta: Adron

There was too much good stuff to print in the After Dark section, so we'll be posting some of the critics' picks here on Crib Notes for your viewing pleasure.

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