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GA FHA Loans in Georgia

FHA loans differ from conventional loans in a number of ways. The down payment required for an FHA-insured loan is usually much lower than for conventional loans. FHA loans also have lower credit requirements than conventional loans, making them more available to a wider range of potential homebuyers.


FHA loans offer GA residents several other valuable benefits, not least of which is those aforementioned smaller down payments. Unlike a conventional loan, which ordinarily requires 10-20% down, FHA-insured loans only require down payments as low as 3-5%. The FHA is also more flexible in calculating factors to determine whether or not to approve the loan, factors such as household income and repayment ratios.

Local FHA Loan directory for GA :
Saint George Sea Island Snellville Stockton
Saint Marys Senoia Social Circle Stone Mountain
Saint Simons Island Seville Soperton Suches
Sale City Shady Dale Sparks Sugar Valley
Sandersville Shannon Sparta Summerville
Sapelo Island Sharon Springfield Sumner
Sardis Sharpsburg Stapleton Sunny Side
Sargent Shellman Statenville Surrency
Sasser Shiloh Statesboro Suwanee
Sautee Nacoochee Siloam Statham Swainsboro
Savannah Silver Creek Stephens Sycamore
Scotland Smarr Stillmore Sylvania
Scottdale Smithville Stockbridge Sylvester
Screven Smyrna

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Georgia News
Cheney holds talks in Italy on Georgia crisis

Vice President Dick Cheney renewed his call for cooperation between Europe and Washington over the Georgia crisis, Italy's foreign minister said Sunday.

Franco Frattini said that during talks he and Cheney expressed their 'shared wish for intense collaboration between Europe and the United States.'

'This Caucasus crisis cannot be solved unless there is intense collaboration ... which we will have,' Frattini said after the 40-minute meeting on the sidelines of a conference on Lake Como.

Finally Wearing baggy Pants Are Illegal

SEPTEMBER 3--Meet Kenneth Smith. The Florida man, 29, was arrested yesterday for wearing baggy pants.

Senate Democrats will push bipartisan drilling bill when Congress returns

The plan that would allow Virginia, Georgia, North Carolina and South Carolina to opt into leasing programs starting 50 miles off their shores now has the support of 16 senators - eight Democrats and eight ...

Rep. Westmoreland (R-GA) calls Obama "uppity"

Not even trying to hide their racism anymore, I see. The Hill : Georgia Republican Rep.

Mom Find Early Education Lagging In US

That's my girl, I thought, as Olivia tore away from us to join the other 5-year-olds for circle time -- legs crossed, hand stick-straight in the air in response to the teacher's question about how the kids ...

Despite Heckers and Untimely Applause---McCain tells nation he'll bring change

"Change is coming," McCain promised the roaring Republican National Convention and a prime-time television audience.

Army: soldier suicide rate may set record again

Soldier suicides this year could surpass the record rate of last year, Army officials said Thursday, urging military leaders at all levels to redouble prevention efforts for a force strained by two wars.

Foster Mom Forgets Infant In Minivan---Baby Dies

Authorities are investigating the death of a baby in a hot minivan in northeast Georgia after being left in the vehicle by her foster mother.

How I Got To Know Sarah Palin
Kaylene Johnson is a freelance writer and the author of "Sarah: How A Hockey Mom Turned Alaska's Political Establishment Upside ...
Another Grady Memorial Hospital worker Arrested

A former Grady Memorial Hospital worker apologized after police arrested him again for allegedly stealing from patients.

Georgia Prepares For This Weekend's Hurricanes

Meteorologist David Chandley in Severe Weather Center 2 said Wednesday that Tropical Storm Hanna has weakened to 60 mph.

It's difficult to find the right words when saying farewell

I can not overstate the profound impact living in Lumpkin County has had on my life.

Gwinnett Co.Woman Arrested For Junky Yard

A Gwinnett County woman's grass is high; there are cars in her front yard, and now the 21-year-old pregnant woman has gone to jail because of it.

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If you've ever wished for the chance to write for a living, maybe even create your own magazine, then you might find some interest in and their quest to locate journalist in every zip code.

Although they are still currently in Beta, it won't be much longer (October 2008)before they get out of that stage and start advertising globally. is a network of Local Editors which publish their local news to their own page. It is news related to you and your community, and it's written in your view. As an editor you will have a license to your own ourtown site which you should treat as a business.

You'll be able to sell advertising to local businesses in your area and offer quality content that will motivate people to come back for more,and an opportunity to make serious CASH!

The control is in your hands for how you handle your page. From the feel of it to the content written on it. They will provide the necessary tools to get started and a template that is user-friendly.

What is offered to the visitors of your page goes beyond the news. There is also a community calendar where you can easily list any local events and a community forum that is set up for you. All you really need is the interest in your community and knowledge of the things going on around your area.

Your earnings are 100% on all local advertising placed on your page, and you get to choose the prices. For any national advertising you will receive 40% of what is earned.

I can show you how to become the most important person on your street, in your neighborhood,around your community and throughout your county and state. For more rewarding info,direct your inquiry to Tom Livsey.


Tom Livsey

Ga.Topix/Ourtown Editor


Budget Cuts Felt Throughout State Government

Hundreds of child welfare workers furloughed. State parks shuttered. Prisoners stacked three high in triple bunks.

Medicaid, PeachCare Face $91 Million in Cuts

Medicaid and PeachCare will be on the table as the state board of community health meets to discuss how to cuts its budget.

Ga. public defender system refuses to cut budget

Georgia's struggling public defender system has staged an open revolt against Gov.

Clayton County School District to Appeal Lost Accreditation

A Georgia county school district lost its accreditation Thursday, an unusual move blamed in part on what has been called a "dysfunctional" school board.

A Must Family Trip Back Into Our Georgia Past Sept. 6-7,2008
by Bradley Putnam

If your family lives in Georgia you must make it your responsibility to bring them to Tunnel Hill next wext weekend---period!

Built in 1848, re-enactment held on grounds (picture furnished by Bradley Putnam) Tunnel Hill Cemetery...Dating back to June 22, 1876. There are several Civil War soilders interred here. The Tunnel Hill Women's Club, founded in April, 1936, pays a caretaker to keep the cemetery

Tunnel Hill, Georgia USA


Foster Cemetery...Gift of Absolem Foster to the community. Destined to be the resting place for many pioneer families. He was buried here in 1891. The remains of southern soilders who perished in Tunnel Hill hospitals during the Civil War are thought to be interred here. Depot...Located in the old section of Tunnel Hill about 3000 feet from the tunnel.

Building is now occupied by Conagra Poultry Reenacting the American Civil War began even before the real fighting had ended. Civil War veterans recreated battles as a way to remember their fallen comrades and to teach others what the war was all about.[

The Great Reunion of 1913, celebrating the 50th anniversary of the Battle of Gettysburg, was attended by more than 50,000 Union and Confederate veterans, and included reenactments of elements of the battle, including Pickett's Charge.

Modern reenacting is thought to have began during the 1961-1965 Civil War centennial commemorations. These battles and events found a receptive audience, but public interest in reenactments faded by the late 1960's, possibly due to the growing involvement in the Vietnam War.

Reenacting grew in popularity during the 1980's and 1990's, due in large part to the success of the 125th Anniversary reenactment near the original Manassas battlefield, which was attended by more than 6,000 reenactors.

That year, TIME Magazine estimated that there were more than 50,000 reenactors in the US.

The Tunnel Hill Historical Foundation, Inc., A non-profit organization, sponsors an authentic Civil War re-enactment held annually on the weekend following Labor Day. The host unit is the 35th Tennessee Volunteer Infantry, CO. F. The event is held on the grounds of the Clisby Austin House.

New Orleans Mayor Calls For Evacuations

Residents who try to ride out Hurricane Gustav will be making the biggest mistake of their lives, New Orleans Mayor Ray Nagin warned on Saturday.

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