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Akron, MI Divorce Buyout in Michigan

Since 1979 Somerset Investors Corp. Co. has been considered a leader in the residential mortgage lending business and is currently licensed in 26 states, including Michigan, offering its expertise in many of the circumstances that life brings to many homeowners.   In most cases Somerset has been able to provide lower payments for the spouse remaining while giving large cash outs to the other. Our Divorce Buyout Loan Specialists work with you to determine how much of a loan you need and what it will cost to refinance.Following is an example of how Divorce Buyout works:

Example: John and Jane own a house valued at $500,000, with a mortgage (or mortgages) that total $300,000.  If you subtract the value from the total loan about ($500,000 - $300,000) you get the equity of the house, in this case $200,000.  If John and Jane split their assets 50-50, each have $100,000 equity in the house.  Therefore, if John wishes to keep the house, he would need to refinance the mortgage(s) with a total loan amount of $400,000 and use the remaining $100,000 to buy out his spouse.

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Akron, Michigan News
Thieves rob military couple while wife is visiting husband

Guns, knives and personal mementos were stolen recently from a Mid-Michigan home.

Tales from early Akron

Although Douglas R. Jackson doesn't call Akron home anymore, he cherishes his time spent there as a youth.

Akron Township considering - bad' Clark Road conditions

The Akron Township Board discussed the condition of Clark Road for most of their last meeting because there is very little and sometimes no shoulder along parts of Clark Road.

Offbeat Sunflashes

"The parrots were stuffed inside like sardines, 40 to 50 to a cage."

A farmhand rescued his co-worker from a crocodile in northern Australia but accidentally shot the man in the process, police said yesterday. via Toronto Sun

Horse mistakenly advertised as food

"I had a lady call whose friend was just in tears over this thing"

An Akron, Mich., woman said she received a barrage of phone messages after her advertisement selling a horse was mistakenly categorized as food. via Political Gateway

Error Puts Horse Ad in Food Classifieds

"It's been enough to turn your stomach"

AKRON, Mich. - Kristen DeGroat just wanted to sell her horse to another animal lover, but her ad ended up under "Good Things to Eat" in the classified sections of two newspapers. via The Times

Continue reading "Horse for dinner? Neigh"

"I've owned horses since I was a child. The worst part of all of it, if it had been any other section, it would have just been a mistake."

Kristen DeGroat wants to make one thing clear: Her horse is not on the menu. Because of a goof at The Saginaw News, a classified ad for her 3-year-old mare, Foxy, ran under the header "Good Things to Eat" ... via

NOAA funds $3.8M project to study Saginaw Bay ecosystem

A consortium of universities and research organizations in the Great Lakes region will develop a new approach to analyzing and managing Saginaw Bay's ecosystem. via WWMT-TV Kalamazoo

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