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MT New Home Financing in Montana

Somerset Mortgage Lenders can find MT residents the perfect loan and start your home purchase off right. With hundreds of loan programs available, we’ll help MT residents match your needs with a loan you’ll love for as long as you own your home. Somerset Mortgage Lenders can find MT residents the perfect loan and start your home purchase off right. With hundreds of loan programs available, we’ll help you match your needs with a loan you’ll love for as long as you own your home.

Fixed Rate Loans

Several categories of conventional loans exist, the most common and familiar being the fixed rate mortgage. In the cases of fixed rate mortgages, the borrower will lock in an interest rate, and pay down both the principal and interest on the loan at that interest rate every month until the mortgage is paid off. The most typical term of a fixed rate loan is 30 years, though fixed rate mortgages can also be obtained for much shorter terms, the primary difference being in the size of the monthly mortgage payment.

Conforming Loans

Other conventional loans are known as conforming loans. In these cases, an arrangement is made between borrower and lender that comply with the stipulations of two federally run mortgage trading companies (or Government Sponsored Entities - GSEs) Fannie Mae (FNME) and or Freddie Mac (FHLMC).

Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac do not directly approve or deny loans. They buy and sell home mortgages, working with lenders to make home ownership easier for people to attain. Lenders like to sign up borrowers with conforming loan, because they can then sell these loans to Fannie May or Freddie Mac in order to more quickly receive the funds coming to them, and use those funds to make other investments. Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, in turn, then repackage these loans to sell to investors as securities.

The current guidelines for a conventional Fannie Mae loan set a maximum purchase price for a single-family home at slightly above $415,000 (though residents of Alaska, Hawaii, or Guam may be able to qualify for an even larger loan).

The interest rate as well as the short- and long-term pricing on a conforming loan is determined primarily by the type of loan applied for. Also taken into consideration will be the amount of funds you already have to contribute to closing costs, your credit rating, credit score, and credit history, your employment history, and the type and location of the home in question.

Jumbo Loans

Other forms of conventional loans are nonconforming loan instruments that do not meet Fannie Mae or Freddie Mac loan qualifications, such as jumbo loans, or loans so large they fall outside the Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac loan limits (or purchase limits). Jumbo loans are provided by private investors and as such ordinarily come with much higher interest rates than conforming loans.

FHA Loans

Government entities from a local to a federal level and private entities alike have worked to develop loan programs that make home ownership a reality for many people considered under-qualified for traditional mortgages. These include loans for first-time homebuyers and people with a low-to-moderate income that are insured by the Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) via the Federal Housing Administration (FHA).

HUD and the FHA do not make loans directly, rather they insure loans, meaning that the lender still gets paid back even if you default on the home loan. Often, FHA insured loans are available with down payments lower than 3% of the total loan amount. There is a limit to how high of a loan the FHA will insure, but the limit is at least high enough to allow people in qualifying circumstances to buy reasonably priced homes pretty much anywhere in the country.

Subprime Loans

A different type of loan was also created to assist people with poor credit in buying a home. These are called Subprime Loans. A subprime loan may come in various forms depending on the loan amount, loan terms, and loan-to-value ratio. Your risk is still determined by grading your credit, but in the case of a subprime loan it is to determine the type of loan and interest rate offered you rather than whether or not to give you a loan at all.

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Absarokee Alder Angela Ashland
Acton Alzada Antelope Augusta
Alberton Anaconda Arlee Avon

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Montana News
Rehberg changes position on cuba votes

Montana Rep. Denny Rehberg has changed his position on the United States' long-standing Cuba embargo in recent years, moving away from enthusiastic anti-embargo politics to supporting current restrictions on ...

MT health insurance program gets $1 million boost

The Montana Comprehensive Health Association will receive more than $1 million from the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services to operate its high-risk pool.

Minimum wage rises 30 cents to $6.55

About 15,500 Montana workers will see their wages rise by 30 cents an hour starting Thursday because of an increase in the state minimum wage, the state Department of Labor and Industry estimates.

State surplus $210M more than expected

State government's financial picture looks a lot rosier than it did in last year's crystal ball.

Montana Budget Better Than Expected, by About $210 Million

Montana state government finances are doing better than projected - about $210 million better.

Montana Guard ready for fire season

Eliza Wiley IR photo editor - An orange collapsible bucket capable of carrying 2,000 gallons of water waits by a CH47D Chinook helicopter.

Montana grain producers bring Japanese executive flour millers to the state

Four high level executives from Japanese flour mills and an official from U.S. Wheat Associates based in Tokyo arrive in Great Falls on July 16 to learn about the quality of the Montana's 2008 wheat crop.

Purchase hail insurance by August 15

Montana farmers and ranchers can purchase State Hail Insurance until August 15, according to the Montana Department of Agriculture.

Prescription for addiction: Abuse of painkillers fastest-growing drug problem in Montana

Melody Barnes, a licensed clinical social worker, meets recently with Todd Havelka, a recovering addict of opiate painkillers recently in her Missoula office.

Senate panel approves more than $7 million to boost Montana agriculture

The Senate Appropriations Committee has agreed to set aside more than $7 million in federal funding to boost Montana's number one industry.

Women invited to learn rodeo, fight breast cancer

Cowboys from around the state will share their rodeo expertise with women at the inaugural Chicks n Chaps Women's Rodeo Clinic on Aug.

Unemployment falls slightly

The state seasonally adjusted unemployment rate fell slightly by 0.1 percent in June to 4.1 percent.

Obama campaign opens offices

Barack Obama's campaign is holding events over the next week for the opening of six offices in Montana.

Mower accident causes death at Montana ranch

A funeral is planned Saturday in Laurel for an 18-year-old man killed after a lawn mower he was repairing fell on him at a ranch in southwestern Montana.

Bear attack closes 2 Montana campgrounds

A bear entered a tent and bit a camper in the Gallatin National Forest on Thursday, leading the Forest Service to evacuate and close two campgrounds.

Acting surgeon general to visit Montana

The country's top public health educator will visit three Montana cities in an effort to curb underage drinking across the nation.

CRP land OKd for emergency grazing in 5 counties

Ranchers and farmers in five drought-stricken Montana Hi-line counties will be able to use their CRP land for emergency haying and grazing.

It takes a school, not missiles

Since 9/11, Westerners have tried two approaches to fight terrorism in Pakistan, President George W. Bush's and Greg Mortenson's. Bush has focused on military force and provided more than $10 billion - an ...

ACLU, Human Rights Network using lies against CI-100

They have jumped on the "Stop CI-100" bandwagon, CI- 100 being Montana's constitutional initiative stating that personhood begins at conception.

Montana's population census shows growth

New figures just released from the U.S. Census Bureau put the population of Billings at nearly 102,000 residents.

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